Saturday, June 23, 2012

Loose weight without going on a diet

Want to loose weight, but not to be on a diet. That's all we have to say on start. Here's how.
You have decided be on a diet and you expect that you will as if by magic, after a short time, remove all the excess weight.But then you find that it does not go quite so easily. Any help in the war with your pounds is welcomed, so we suggest some tips to get as close to before.Here are foods that are good allies in the war against excess weight.

Ground red pepper

It can help to burn more calories after a meal. At the same time keeps your appetite under control, especially when it comes to people who otherwise would not eat it regularly.


Fruits and vegetables are definitely an ideal food for weight loss because they are rich in large quantities of water and fiber. As the main allies in weight loss, experts recommend an apple. Assist in lowering cholesterol and keeping blood sugar under control, and are very important in preventing colon cancer. Scientists say that if you only eat an apple before a meal, you will have 15 percent fewer calories at the end of the day. And otherwise, to achieve a feeling of satisfaction and not to eat many times, before a meal you should eat foods rich in fiber.


The natural way of keeping the appetite under control - significantly contributes to the feeling of satiety.Glasses of water before meals, sip water throughout the day: by the end of the day make sure that you enter about two liters of fluid.


The good, raw, because of the richness in fiber, and carrot juice helps in weight loss process.bsp;Carrots, one of the most popular foods for good vision, is one of the rare species of vegetables rich in pectin and beta-carotene and can lower the risk of lung disease by 50 percent.Mix in blender and drink the juice - that way for 12 weeks you can lose, on an extremely healthy way, up to 1.8 kilograms.The real wealth of nutrients that help burn fat.

Choose an organic milk

Organic milk contains less saturated fat and more good fatty acids from milk produced on conventional, dairy farms.If you start to use organic milk, you can reduce your intake of saturated fat in the body for 30 to 50 percent and still get the same intake of beneficial fatty acids like omega-3.


It is known already, that prevents cancer, lowers cholesterol, cure colds, but can also help lower blood pressure and - to induce weight loss.The essence of the garlic is in allicin: Israeli scientists have found that a strong smell of the garlic stimulates the satiety center in the brain and reduces feelings of hunger.At the same time stimulates the nervous system and releases hormones like adrenaline.These hormones speed up body metabolism, and it burns more calories at a faster pace.

Finally you can check this healthy diet if you like because I started to use it and I'll review it next time!

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